Case Study
BRown Electric, INC.

A 20 year old site that needed some TLC. The owners requested a better user-experience and mobile friendly site that could be used to launch a new marketing campaign.

Project Timeline

Work in Progress

January 2019 – May 2019



Redesigned Home Page

Redesigned Contact Us

Original Home Page

Original Contact Us Page

Creative Process

After our first Fireside Chat it was apparent that in order to help make the site more user-friendly while laying a good foundation for on-page SEO, a re-organization of the site structure was needed.
A major requirement for this redesign was that the new site appeal to all types of clients, while expanding the companies “Service Department”. An industrial company that is also capable of servicing the local neighborhood –

From Large-Construction-Joe who is a large, multi-million dollar new construction project to Mrs. Smith down the road that only needs an electrician once in her life.

Site Structure Planning

A review of their competitors’ sites and industry keywords was made. To appeal quicker to larger projects the ‘Commercial’ page was placed as top-level navigation item.

Replacing the confusing term for Mrs. Smith, “Service Department”, with “Other Services”, added to the usability of the navigation menu.

Design Process

Because this is almost a 40 year old company, we wanted to make sure that it was easier for any existing customers to recognize the site as being the same company, just with a fresh look. Color schemes were derived from the existing site and the existing logo was kept.


The owners wanted to be able to add/edit content and requested the site be created with a CRM. WordPress was used.

Giving this site a fresh, but familiar, look was fun. For easier lead capture, the phone number was placed at the top of the site, an easy to use contact form and a Facebook button was placed on every page, and content was better organized to appeal to specific persona-created clients, like Mrs. Smith and Large-Construction-Joe.


Modern and Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

Appealing to Any Size Client

The client has reported the redesign to be a success. At this time they are not running Google Ads or utilizing continued SEO services, but they have still received, on average, 1 contact form fill out each month since the release date. These contact requests have been from their target customers – both for commercial and residential projects.